ZamJewellery mainly deals in Zircon Jewellery as well as Meena Kundan Kundan, Patra Kundan, Handcrafted Jewellery in various toning as Gold Tone, Antique / Nickel Tone, Silver Tone, Henna Tone and Rhodium Tone. The Meena Kundan from ZamJewellery is a popular jewelry, wherein enameling with vivid colors and designs is on the reverse, while the kundan setting is in the front. Meena Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery. It is the oldest, as well as, evergreen form of jewellery made and worn in India. Meena Kundan, also known as Merthi, Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery. With thousands of products in Jewelry categories ranging from engagement and bridal jewelry to handcrafted jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, rings, wedding goods and more, we've got whatever it is you're longing 24/7, all year long. We have the best ornaments for adoring and enhancing your beauty. We have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for lovers of beauty and vigour everywhere. We have remarkable Internet footprints, with customers buying and gifting our jewelry around the world. ZamJewellery offers a range of products in Jewelry and handicrafts. Lots of jewelry varieties and handicrafts cover almost every aspect of personal and bridal beauty. These beautiful designs are provided to match your style, befit every occasion and suit your budget. Bridal Jewelry is a young dynamic trade formed to provide customers with a one stop shop for all their bridal jewelry requirement. Our collections include classic bridal jewelry as well as the hottest and most recent jewelry trends that are designed to complement the coming bridal season's styles and colors. This also includes a collection that offers a changing selection

We have been retailing and wholesaling imitation/artificial jewelry, bridal jewelry, handicrafts and apparel for many years and we run numerous websites for retail and wholesale separately. We give our customers a pleasant jewelry experience and gratification as much as possible. Looking jewelry and beauty through the eyes of our customers, gradually we have grown, developed and reached to the heights of innovation and enterprise. Now, our jewelry and handicraft products are preferred by and accessible to the customers all over India and around the world.